Russ and Pam Martens are the founders and editors of Wall Street On Parade, an independent financial news site that has always operated without external financial sources of funding. This has allowed them to focus on what’s really happening on Wall Street. Their goal is to inspire change by informing and educating citizens about corruption stemming from excessive coziness between Washington and Wall Street. Their tag line is “A Citizen Guide to Wall Street”—and they are indeed on our side.

In our opinion, Wall Street on Parade is the single best source of hard-hitting investigative journalism and insight on the Wall Street-Washington axis. Russ’s and Pam’s work made an extraordinary difference to our analysis here at the Solari Report in 2020, including their coverage of the Going Direct Reset. Their deep experience, powerful intellect, and research abilities put them at the top of the financial media aristocracy. Add their courage and fearlessness to the mix, and you have real heroes.

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