We are willing for things to work out. Let’s hold this scenario—the cultivation of civilization—in our intention and hearts.

A small portion of the population embraces the importance of decentralizing money and wealth creation. As trust in central bankers and the establishment breaks down, communities and municipalities take matters into their own hands, generating millions of systems for circulation of time, resources, and money locally and within their networks. The volumes grow as the general population becomes increasingly alienated by infighting among central bankers globally and by financial institution corruption.

The rise of China and Asia inspires a widespread perception of Western establishment failure in the G7 nations that encourages more local responsibility and action. The general population in the G7 nations increasingly recognizes the contributions of the rule of law, spiritual and human freedom, and free speech to a healthy economy. Thanks to these impulses in combination with local currencies, thousands of local areas and regions are able to prevent central control of the food system.

With successful connection between human rights and money creation, we evolve toward a more advanced civilization.