Many of us know what the Slow Burn scenario feels like. We have been in it for decades. The central banks continue to centralize control using fiat currency systems. Their power to keep the “slow burn” going is expanded by increasingly invasive digital surveillance and transaction systems, which steadlily move global populations onto a “social credit” system that enables the financial sector to extract progressively more wealth.

Those who help innovate on behalf of central control are blessed by growth in income that allows them to earn sufficient resources to cover the steady inflation of the Slow Burn scenario—that is, for as long as they are useful. Inflation of real assets and equity markets persists as money continues to shift out of global debt markets and overleveraged governments are subject to significant reengineering.

Slow Burn inflation and a steady lowering of life expectancy in the relevant populations addresses retirement system imbalances. Meanwhile, life expectancy within elite populations rises steadily. The general population manages to maintain a commitment to human civilization—in part using spiritual and enlightened learning and values and aided by an explosive expansion of consciousness to offset the exhaustion and cruelty of the Slow Burn scenario and the high-tech mind control that reduces a portion of the population to cult-like thinking and behavior.