If you have not seen the movie They Live, please do. The mind control machine is turned to maximum. All of Klaus Schwab’s fantasies come true. The human race is GMO-ed, de-sexed, and transgendered. Gene-edited babies grow in incubators in the living room.

Injections load operating systems into humans. With altered DNA, they can be labeled as “non-persons” under various legal systems. Telecommunications systems and robot drones and police dogs enforce complete spatial and labor control made possible by global central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and “vaccine passports.”

No one can remember the good times. Indeed, they don’t remember much. The life expectancy of the elites reaches 145, and the profits and stocks of the pharma companies pumping out adrenochrome and transfusions of young blood continue to rise.

Think it cannot happen? Think again. Risking your life in the effort to prevent this scenario is a great investment. Death is not the worst thing that can happen. This scenario is.